Updated may 27, 2020

Pups are $2,500. Ear cropping is an additional $350.

Deposits are $500 and non-refundable. See our Policies page.

All puppies are sold with Limited Registration, no exceptions.

An all red and rust Marco x Gretchen litter arrived on April 24 with 5 males and 5 females! These puppies will make awesome family companions and AKC performance prospects. Puppies will be 8 weeks old and ready for new homes the weekend of June 20th.

Marco is a world level competitor on the protection field and a little girl’s best friend at home. He has great natural instincts, drive, is biddable, and level headed. 

Marco’s accomplishements:

  1. -2016 UDC Nationals High IPO1

  2. -High IPO2, High Protection (97V)

  3. -1st IPO3, High IPO3, High Protection (99V)

  4. -2nd IPO3, High in Trial, High Tracking, High Protection (97V)

  5. -3rd IPO3, High in Trial, Tracking, Obedience, and Protection (98V)

  6. -4th IPO3, High Protection (99V), UDC Fall Classic 2nd Place

  7. -5th IPO3, 2019 IDC World Championship 17th out of 49, with a 97V in tracking.

Gretchen is an awesome family dog that loves children. She’s easy to live with and loves to please. She’s earned an impressive 26+ titles in AKC events and was only 15 points short to qualify for the 2020 AKC National Agility Championship. Please visit “Our Dobermans” page for a full list of her accomplishments.

All pups come with tail docked, dew claws removed, age appropriate shots and deworming, AKC limited registration paid for by Oldfort Dobermans, microchip, and sales contract. If you want the ears cropped, it will be done by a specialist before you take your puppy home. The cost is $350 and in addition to the purchase price. Puppies that are cropped will be sent home with an ear care package.

Our puppies are raised in our home and begin early neurological stimulation at 3 days old. As they mature they’re exposed to new sounds and surfaces, kiddie pools with water or toys, wobble boards, obstacles, tunnels, low platforms, etc. Pups leave for homes as early as 8 weeks old. You must pick the puppy up from our home, we do not offer shipping. The formal registered name of your pup will be chosen by Oldfort Dobermans; if you have a name in mind we are happy to take it into consideration.

Current Puppies (sold)

All puppies from the 2020 Summer litter are sold.

Please call or email to discuss our Fall puppy plans.

Many of our litters are spoken for before they’re born or just shortly after birth. If you’re serious about getting one of our pups and you want preference, don’t hesitate to complete our puppy questionnaire and contact us.

Marco Vom Landgraf



AKC Preferred Agility Champion

Gretchen Der Beschutzer



AKC Red/Rust

DOB: September 2014

Weight: 65lbs

Height 25.5”

3 Generation Pedigree - link

OFA Database - link

OFA HD: Good | ED: 0

Holter February 2020: Normal


Thyroid Feb 2020: Normal

DCM1: 0 Copies

DCM2: 2 Copies

Dentition: Full

vWD: Carrier

DM: Clear


AKC Red/Rust

DOB: December 2013

Weight: 80lbs

Height 28”

3 Generation Pedigree - link

OFA Database - link

OFA HD: Good | ED: 0

Holter January 2020: Normal


Blood Panel Nov 2019: Normal

DCM1: 1 Copies

DCM2: 1 Copies

Dentition: Full

vWD: Clear

DM: Pending


Videos taken of pups between 23 and 25 days old.

Youtube Link: Puppies enjoying “solid” food for the first time

Youtube Link: Dreaming Puppy

Youtube Link: Pups Playing (1)

                         Pups Playing (2)

                         Pups Playing (3)

5/27: New video links! Taken at 32 days old. Pups are now wearing colored collars:

Youtube Links: Pups Playing (1)

                           Pups Playing (2)

                           Pups Playing (3)

                           Pups Playing (4)

6/5: 6 weeks old

6/11: Puppies travel to Ohio for ear cropping

6/18: Puppy wellness checkup at the vet

6/19-6/21: Puppies are 8 weeks old and ready to go home.

2020 Summer Litter (sold)